A Cannabis Glossary of Terms: Understanding your pet’s health

What are we talking about?

At right:ratio, we’re not only invested in your pet’s health, we are dedicated to helping you with every step of the process. That is why we have put together this “cannabis glossary of terms” that we use in the pet cannabis industry.

We believe that a big piece of your pet’s health is a full understanding of what is being used and why. From actively listening to your pet’s symptoms to determining the appropriate customized dosage of the right:ratio extract, we want to make this process as simple for you as possible.

As with any health industry, it can be confusing when you get caught up in the jargon. So, let us help!


Professionals use the term cannabis to refer to “marijuana” because marijuana is “slang.” At one time it was used pejoratively to further political ends in the 1920s and 1930s.


The initials CBD are short for cannabidiol, one of over 200 natural compounds in cannabis. CBD from cannabis has these recognized medical properties:

  • Anti-Tumoral
  • Anti-Convulsant
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anxiety reducing agent
  • Analgesic – pain killer
  • Anti-spasmodic


This is the term used for products made from the cannabis plant, including oils like those used in right:ratio. The extract is harvested using fresh press, CO2, Butane and other methods.  Generally, extracts are very potent and should be mixed with other non-psychoactive ingredients for best results.


A distinct variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, traditionally grown to maximize the fibers in the stalk of the plant or to maximize seed production. Industrial hemp is making a comeback in the US where, up until the 1930s, it used to be one of the largest crops cultivated in the country.

MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride)

MCT oil is medium chain triglyceride oil, which is fractionated coconut oil. It is 100% safe for canine consumption (and humans use it extensively as well). MCT oil is completely neutral, very stable and has a long shelf life, unlike pure coconut oil or olive oi. It can also be stored without refrigeration.


This is a liquid that is made by combining one or more active ingredients with non-active components in a precise ratio and potency.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (also THCd-9)

This is the chemical responsible for most of cannabis’s psychological effects. It acts much like the cannabinoid chemicals made naturally by the body and has significant value for pain relief. THC is toxic for dogs and must be carefully administered in the right ratio and potency for maximum medicinal benefits.

And what “defines” right:ratio?

Right:ratio uses a custom-made blend of cannabis extracts, including THCd-9, in a medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT) that can be safely consumed by humans or dogs.

Questions about our process? Ready to order your pet’s customized tincture? Contact right:ratio.