Pet Insurance

Always Be Prepared

“Without pet insurance, I would not be able to provide and pay for these necessary therapies….”

It is safe to say that after this past year, everyone now feels the urgency to be prepared. With the pandemic slowly easing itself out of its emergency state, the general public is hoping to establish, and maintain their safety in case of other surprise emergencies.

This is why we recommend pet insurance. We all know the stress and challenges of having a pet facing medical issues, whether it be an upcoming round of cancer treatments, surgery to repair an elbow, or teeth cleaning. Pet insurance companies are stepping up to assist owners who face the daunting costs of medical treatment, including alternative treatments and the use of right:ratio for pets undergoing cancer treatments. Sharon’s testimonial below exemplifies how the right pet insurance can take
all of the stress away.

“Meet Parker, the Standard Poodle! AKA “Ball Player”. We got him as a young puppy and immediately enrolled him in Trupanion Pet Insurance. Thankfully we did, because at age 2.5 years, he was diagnosed with canine lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymph nodes. Parker has a team of different veterinarians, including one holistic vet. At diagnosis, our holistic vet suggested we immediately start Parker on CBD/THC for his cancer and referred us to right ratio. It’s remarkable that Trupanion (our pet insurance company) has covered all of Parker’s cancer treatments (@ 90%), including his rightratio! I’m so thankful that Parker can receive non-traditional cancer treatments that are recognized by Trupanion. Without pet insurance, I would not be able to provide and pay for these necessary therapies. It has been 32 months since Parker’s cancer diagnosis and Trupanion has reimbursed me for everything! I will always have pet insurance for my fur babies.”

Pet Insurance is Moving on Up

In 2018, 2.2 Million pets were covered by pet insurance, which was a 18% jump from 2017. Today, that number has risen to 2.52 million pets insured, with the annual growth rate in the US being 18%.

According to Today’s Veterinary Business, “Just over 1% of U.S. dogs and cats are insured. That number pales in comparison to the United Kingdom, where an estimated 25% of pets are covered, and Sweden, where the total is said to be as high as 40%.”

More Data

Another statistic from NAPHIA showed that most pet owners insured their pets for both accidents and illness; and most pets were between the ages of 4-5. With the slow rise of cannabinoid treatments for pets, there has also been a growth in pet cannabinoid friendly insurance policies! While some laws against CBD may sway certain insurance companies, we are so happy to see CBD being included and covered under alternative pet medicine.