A Pet Expo Wrap-Up: A Weekend Making a Difference

What a weekend!

Whew. What a weekend at America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County! You can’t get any better than thousands of pet lovers all in one place.

Right:ratio was thrilled to be the first pet cannabis company to participate in this wonderful event and, judging by the number of people who stopped by our booth, it was a good thing we were there!

The right:ratio difference

We loved answering questions from people who weren’t familiar with cannabis-based treatment and all of its benefits. The information they wanted to know ranged from an introduction to a product they had never heard of before to wondering how right:ratio is different from other CBD goods on the market.

Our time spent getting to know all of these pet lovers was not only a joy for us, but also helpful to them as well. In fact, one attendee hugged us as she left our booth, comforted to know that right:ratio was there to help her pet.

Moving forward

But we weren’t just exhibitors; we were attendees, too. We took the time to wander the other exhibits and demonstrations, visiting with llamas, pigs, reptiles, and even a few possums!

As the weekend came to an end and we packed up our things, we talked about the people we had met and the pets we couldn’t wait to get to know through the right:ratio process. Because while attending events like the Pet Expo is fun…

…it’s also about making the difference in the life of even one single pet and their owner.


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