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2017-Early 2018 Highlights for your Pets

Improved Purity & Safety Improvements

In mid-2017, we began to use Cannalysis Labs because we could test the purity of cannabis extracts used in right:ratio for up to 58 pesticides, grow supplements and residual chemicals. As a result, we frequently reject cannabis extracts that are safe for humans under state mandated regulations but that still contain chemicals that are not safe for pets. We are working with Cannalysis to develop a panel of tests specifically for pets to ensure greater safety in 2018.

Our Scientific Advisory Board diligently reviews a wide array of publications and website data to ensure that any products used in cannabis production or extraction are safe for pets, regardless of their status for humans. For example, while certain cannabis extracts tested by Cannalysis may pass state regulations for human safety, we will nonetheless reject the extract concerned if it has trace amounts of certain pesticides or residual chemicals that could be harmful to canines though those same levels are safe for humans.

Dosing, Dosing, Dosing: Why it Matters

After working owners on behalf of over 225 pets in Southern Califonia, it has becoming increasingly clear from our database that medical cannabis extracts in our custom made right:ratio are more efficacious when dosing is carefully designed specifically for the animal concerned.

Data confirms the importance of structured dosing to take into a variety of factors from breed, age, weight, co-morbidity and goals for treatment, especially for pets facing pain and anxiety.

Our custom made right:ratio is delivered with complete dosing instructions specifically for the formula made and your pet. We are also keeping a close eye on the field of micro-dosing in humans, which may help our dogs with cancer and arthritis.

Effect of Legalization in California on right:ratio

As 2018 opens, California is ushering in both new medical (“M”) cannabis laws and an entirely new regime for adult (“A”) use for those over 21 years of age. At right:ratio, we will serve both types of patients.

Although Sacramento has worked hard to pass new cannabis regulations, there is no pathway currently for medical-cannabis-for-pets, although there are also no prohibitions. As a result, we at right:ratio are working with interested legislators in California to ensure safe access for pets to medical cannabis by passing clear, simple common sense legislation allowing for veterinarians to recommend cannabis, in the same fashion medical doctors in California have for over 20 years as well as allowing for necessary adjustments in packaging and direct sales channels. The first step is the petition immediately below. The second step will be written testimony to specific legislators in California. If you are willing to provide written support as to how your pet has benefited from access to medical cannabis, please email us at info@rightratio.com

Veterinarians Seeking Changes to CA Law

Please click below to join the petition, started by a well known
California veterinarian to the California legislature to allow veterinarians to recommend medical cannabis for pets

Here are just a few of the dogs whose owners became clients in 2017

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