Pet Anxiety: Is your dog ready for summer?

The fight against pet anxiety.

Summer is here which means that many dog owners are envisioning days spent at the dog park, weekends camping, and lazy mornings snuggled up with their best furry friend.

But for some dog owners, the word “summer” is synonymous with “anxiety.” Fourth of July fireworks and summer thunderstorms often send our pets running for cover.

You’re dog isn’t the only one.

It’s been reported that pet emergency room visits increase by 25% on July 4th and the reasons vary from pets ingesting something they shouldn’t to extreme anxiety.

In an article by Cesar Millan he says, “It is natural for dogs to be afraid of loud noises. The sounds trigger their nervous systems, and they can become anxious or afraid. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct.”

As we all know, there are many products on the market that are designed to help your dog get through these harrowing moments; ThunderShirts and aromatherapy might be things you’ve tried in the past.

But have you considered this?

Right:ratio’s custom formulas specifically customized for your pet could be the answer to those anxious nights. By using therapeutic levels of both CBD and THC along with other natural ingredients, we work with you to find the “right ratio” for your pet.

“We’ve seen amazing results,” says Bianca Moscatelli, co-founder of right:ratio. “And those results are why we’re here. When Stanley’s owner told us that he was ‘more calm and less reactive’ because of his custom formula, that reinforced our belief that right:ratio can improve a pet’s quality of life.”

A word of caution….

But don’t think that all cannabis products are created equal. It’s important to contact companies like right:ratio that have experience in what works and what doesn’t when it comes to cannabis-based extracts. Giving your beloved pet something that you might use recreationally could be extremely dangerous.

“As cannabis becomes more regulated, hopefully some of these issues will go away,” says Bianca. “But right now you can walk into most dispensaries and find untested and mislabeled products that could harm your pet.”

What makes right:ratio different?

“Our product is always tested so we know exactly the potency and percentages of our cannabis plant extracts,” explains Bianca. “And because it’s a custom formula for your pet, we give you specific instructions on how to use it. We also follow up with our clients regularly to see how things are going and to make adjustments if necessary.”

So, if you noticed your dog shaking or pacing, drooling or acting out-of-sorts last summer…it might be time to investigate something new. Let us not only help your pet, but make you rest a little easier knowing they’ve been taken care of.