The right:ratio Story: Who we are and why we’re here.

It’s important for you to know the right:ratio story; who is treating and helping you care for your pet. Our dedication to your furry family member isn’t just a business to us…it’s a personal journey we take with each and every one of our clients.

At right:ratio we know that your pet isn’t just a furry creature who hogs the bed – they’re family. And the health and well-being of your pet is a very personal and sometimes emotional part of your life.

So, here’s a little bit about us, our passion, and our vision for the future.

The right:ratio story.


Bianca Moscatelli

Bianca MoscatelliOriginally from Massachusetts, Bianca moved to New York City after high school. There she attended the School of Visual Arts to study Photography. She moved to California to enjoy the weather and the sense of community she has never tired of.

An animal lover since childhood – “I had more stuffed animals than I did dolls” – she donated her babysitting money to the World Wildlife Foundation. While she lived in NYC, she enjoyed taking care of dogs through and continued to do so after moving to California. This gave her a crash course in breeds and temperaments; when it came time to find her own furry family member she knew she was ready.

Bianca’s start in the cannabis community was a personal one: “Upon moving to CA and becoming a cannabis patient I was thrilled with how ahead of the rest of the country California is and also amazed by how far is still needed to come.  I worked part-time with a collective doing everything from trimming to delivering. Then I started to make my own cannabis infused foods.”

Her vision for the future of right:ratio is all about the health and well-being of her beloved clients. “My vision is a product that is accessible, effective, and affordable to any animal anywhere. Cannabis heals and does no harm while pharmaceuticals have made our country sicker than ever. People are finally able to benefit from this plant and animals deserve to as well.”

And her favorite part about right:ratio?

“Seeing a dog in better condition than we met them!”


Charles Lozow

Charles LozowCharles Lozow’s experience with animals began at an early age. “I grew up on a hippie commune in Canada surrounded by animals. As part of my chores, I took care of them. I also had several dogs and cats of my own.”

In his words, what drew  him in as an activist in the cannabis community was “moral outrage.”

“Dogs had been used for testing human products for over 80 years, including cosmetics, etc. This often left the dogs permanently harmed.  California is so progressive with 20 years of medical cannabis history. However dogs have not benefited from it even though medical science strongly suggests cancer, arthritis and anxiety treatments for dogs and humans can be virtually identical.”

As a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence, Charles sees great things ahead for right:ratio.

“The vision is to provide dogs with the safest and most advanced cannabis products to alleviate their suffering when diagnosed with cancer, arthritis, anxiety or seizures.  Long term, I would like to provide a unique retail/care environment for the sale of right:ratio to dog owners that includes counseling and unrivaled customer support – making each tincture custom for every dog.​”

Since the beginning of his right:ratio journey, Charles’s greatest joy is seeing dogs quickly improve and giving them freedom from discomfort.

“When I saw our first ‘remission’ with Chloe in September 2016, I knew we had the ability to change lives.”

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