All About Dinky: Celebrating National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Dinky’s Story


I’d been scrolling PetFinder on and off for YEARS taking my sweet time deciding whether or not I was ready to adopt and meanwhile taking care of all kinds of other dogs to take the edge off.  I wanted a less than 10lb cutie that I could take anywhere.

It wasn’t until the unimaginable happened and a reality TV personality was elected president that I decided it was time to make 2017 great by adopting a tiny black Mexican named Dinky.  I remember seeing her photos at the beginning of January, but had planned a weekend out of town already for when her rescue (Star Paws of Marina Del Rey) was having their next adoption event.

I wrote Victoria, who runs Star Paws, and got some additional info about the adorable 6lb chihuahua named Dinky who was described as a calm, easygoing, lap gal, found on the streets of Compton.  She sounded perfect.  AND was wearing a dress in one of her adoption photos.  I mean…

It was meant to be.

Lucky for me, upon my return, I checked back in with Victoria and Dinky was still available!

We set up a meeting for inauguration day at the local Dogromat and it was love at first sight.  I walked in and saw the sweetest little dog sitting on a lap on the floor.  I  knelt down and she immediately came over, sat on my lap and looked deep into my eyes.  That was it!  I watched her walk around the store a little, but she really just wanted to sit in a lap and be loved.

She went back with Victoria that day and I started thinking and planning.  I bought all of the necessary items and had Dinky move in the following evening after the Women’s March.  I had a two week foster trial period, but there was no way Dinky was leaving.  Now, it’s almost May and I can’t imagine life without her.   She loves long walks, longer naps, and fresh vegetables. She dislikes cigarette smoke, loud, unexpected noises, and toddlers.  We’re so alike!

She recently met my 90-year-old great-uncle who doesn’t say too much anymore, but the connection between he and Dinky was beautiful.  Animals make our lives better. I believe with the right timing, research, and patience, everyone can find their Dinky!

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