right:ratio integrates the most current research on cannabinoids and terpenes with your pet’s data to formulate custom cannabinoid therapeutics specifically for your pet, made fresh and shipped the same day

Why custom right:ratio?

Have you ever looked at someone else and wondered, “why do you love me?”

Your pet never has.

Your pet loves you, unconditionally. Your pet knows no other way.

Because whether she’s a great Great Pyrenees, or he’s a perfect Pomeranian prince, your pet knows, that you also know, no other way to love them, but unconditionally.

But what happens when your pet gets sick? They don’t know why they’re sick. They don’t even know what sick is. They just know it hurts…and they don’t know what to do about it. Worst of all, they don’t know when, or even if, it will end. But neither do you.

And the only thing harder than not knowing when the sickness will end, is knowing your loved one depends on you to make it better.

This is why right:ratio exists.

We believe that the pets who love us unconditionally deserve access to every available treatment provided by the latest scientific evidence and research.

And when the latest science shows that specifically formulated therapeutics with medical cannabinoids work as well for our beloved pets as they do for humans, then we believe it is our duty to make this treatment available for your pet.

Based on 42 reviews
Karen Cantwell
Karen Cantwell
Right Ratio is a revolutionary product. Our dog Beau (10 y/o) has a combo of anxiety and likely dementia and would have panic attacks throughout the entire night and would not sleep. This went on for many months, and it was hell for the entire family. We, along with Beau's behavioral vet and a separate holistic vet tried every combo of pharmaceuticals, herbs, aromatherapy, hormones, acupuncture, other CBD products, etc, etc - nothing got him to sleep, and most of the heavy drugs made him very agitated, disoriented and created a loss of appetite and fear of food. The behavioral vet recommended Right Ratio. We had to titrate up a lot to get Beau to a point where he was sleeping through the night, but we have all been sleeping for over three months now and much, much happier. It is literally the only thing that works for Beau. He gets it nightly as his bedtime treat and loves it. This product is a lifesaver.
Christine Hoffman-Hicks
Christine Hoffman-Hicks
Right Ratio is a great option for pet parents, especially those dealing with emotional and behavioral issues. My dog suffers with fright/flight and dosing with Right Ratio has helped him a lot. He's much calmer and a lot less anxious. I could see this being great for those pets who are suffering with terminal illness such as cancer or chronic pain, it does wonders.
sheila kenny
sheila kenny
My epleptic Syberian Husky is doing incredibly well on this personaliozed order from Right Ratio. This has saved Cooper from seizures and me from headache watching him have seizures. I highly recommend this company
White Horse Redlands California
White Horse Redlands California
NEW Do not be fooled by this scam. there is no science, no reporting of any kind whatsoever that there could be a (right ratio) for any person or pet. As with anything in life it Has to be dosed as needed and you have to figure it out as you go. Everyone’s or every pets bio make up is different. No two are the same. There’s no way they know the scientific dose or calculation for a pet. There’s no lab testing to support this at all. It hasn’t been tested or proven. This company is lying and a rip off. you’re wasting your money. And NO pet should have any THC. It causes seizures in pets.
Melissa Cotter
Melissa Cotter
My dog Spike was diagnosed with skin cancer last year. Removed all the cancer spots and started him on Right:ratio. NO NEW SPOTS and Mr. Spike no longer limps when he gets up, he is much more mobile and just a happy, healthy boy!! We love Right:ratio. Easy to order, easy to use, all is wonderful!!
Liz Nowell
Liz Nowell
When our happy boy, Mr. Breakfast, was diagnosed with a glioma brain tumor last month, we stressed wondering if we were doing everything we can for him to have the highest quality of life possible. After loads of research and multiple consults until we found the right vets for his healthcare team, we were referred to RightRatio. Now we can rest easier knowing our happy boy, Mr. Breakfast, is getting the proper dose ratio and highest quality CBD tincture during his integrative treatment! Despite having the worst form of brain cancer possible, his quality of life has improved since starting on RightRatio! We've even noticed he's more active, playful, and is surpassing all the odds leaving his vets in joyful disbelief with how well he's doing! He recently finished his 3 sessions of SRT and we felt really great knowing he had his RightRatio CBD on-board during them all. The recent research of the synergy between CBD and radiation for treatment of glioma is really promising and we're just so thankful we got him on the right product to help make sure he gets all the benefits. Not once have we been nervous about using CBD as a part of his treatment, but even if we were...RightRatio would be there to help! Any time I've had a question, they're quick with a detailed & friendly response. So glad we found them and we'll never use another source for Mr. Breakfast's, or any of our other dogs', CBD treatment ever again! Highly highly recommend!!!
Lauren Otero
Lauren Otero
I found right:ratio through my dog’s medical oncologist. She knew we were interested in CBD, and she referred us to Charles at right:ratio and worked with him to create a formulation. The progress that both of my dogs have made while taking CBD from right:ratio is just incredible. I have two dogs—Bella who is close to 15 years old and Toby is 14. In the past, we took Bella to rehab with the full works of acupuncture, Physical Therapy, and lasers to treat her arthritis. We stopped going a year ago as we did not see a major improvement. Fast forward to now, and Bella is acting like a puppy again! She is bearing FULL weight on her back legs and hasn’t done this in 8 years! We used to refer to Bella as fragile and now we perceive her as strong! It’s just incredible the progress she has made. Toby, our 14 year-old, has been making incredible progress with CBD while battling cancer. It has greatly reduced his pain, stimulated his appetite, and has helped him sleep peacefully throughout the night. We know we will continue witnessing more benefits for Bella and Toby while taking CBD from right:ratio. The owner of the company, Charles, is incredibly kind and supportive. The fact that my dog’s oncologist referred us to him and worked with him to create a formulation shows us that his products are superior to others you can find online.
Lucy Fonseca
Lucy Fonseca
Sadie is 11 years old and has hip dysplasia, arthritis in both knees, hip and lower spine, also possible meniscus tear. Sadie has been taking right ratio for 3 weeks. Once Sadie started this product, she is no longer taking Gabapentin. Her walking has improved and appears pain has decreased. Thank you, right ratio.
Kim Thornton
Kim Thornton
When I started my Cavalier, Harper, on right:ratio nearly a year ago, she had just been released from the hospital after being treated for a serious kidney infection. The veterinarians said she could no longer take the medications that had been treating her cancer. Since she couldn't take anything else, I turned to right:ratio at the recommendation of someone I knew whose dog had done well on it. I informed the company of her age, the type of cancer she had, her kidney issues, and her heart disease. They customized a dose for her, which changes based on the feedback I give, and for a 14-year-old dog with lots of health concerns, she has been thriving. Her appetite is good, she kicks up her heels and runs to the kitchen at dinnertime, she enjoys going to nosework class, and her oncologist is amazed at how well she is doing. At her age, every day is a gift, and I don't believe she would still be here without the help of right:ratio.
diane jorgensen
diane jorgensen
Cartoon was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April. After 6 months of chemo plus CBD oil from Right Ratio, he’s in remission. He looks and acts like a puppy again. I truly believe that Cannabinoids will keep his cancer at bay and give me much more time with my child.

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Welcome to Personalized Cannabinoid Therapy for your Pet

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    Every intake form is personally reviewed before formulation

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    We contact you after receiving your pet’s intake before formulating your pet’s bottle

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    Our products are formulated for your pet the day they are sent to you

  • Human Grade and Third-Party Laboratory Tested

    Each cannabinoid and all ingredients are human grade and have passed all California cannabinoid requirements

  • Custom Instructions for Your Pet

    We prepare instructions for your pet, including specific dosing changes and for use with a complex medical regimen (e.g., chemo, severe pain)

  • Free Potency and Ratio Adjustments

    We increase the potency of your pet’s formula as medically needed without additional cost, which can be critical for pets facing cancer and pain

  • Personal Direct Support for Every Pet

    We are available by phone and email 7 days a week and always refer to your pet’s intake, formulation sheet and folder to ensure individualized help

  • Precise and Unique Formulations

    The formula for your pet’s bottle is formulated to 1/100 mg/mL and stored in our proprietary software

What our pet parents say about mobility inappetence seizure activity reduced nervousness GI tract issues and the impact of right:ratio


“[Shylo] did great on the oil. No side affect just a calm doggie:)”

– Kylee L., 8/11/2021


“[Lily]’s doing well. I’ve kept her at about .25 mL twice a day and my vet and her PT are very happy with the results. We are even able to lower the prednisone even more.”

– Evan K., 8/23/2021


“Thanks for the note and for helping Dapper for such a long time. I am sad to tell you that he passed away in June. He held on a lot longer than I thought he might, after being diagnosed with cancer in September 2018. Thank you for helping him manage the disease for a few years. I appreciated your products. “

– Kristine H., 8/9/2021


“Olivia, almost eighteen years-old, just passed away. The right ratio was helpful to lessen her agitation and restlessness. She passed away peacefully in her sleep at home in her favorite bed. Thank you again and the right ratio was a benefit for her.”

– Chris W., 8/5/2021


“Bowser is doing much better since he started right:ratio. His limping because of his arthritis has improved.”

Monica I., 8/5/21


“[Maya’]’seating well and has good energy. You would never know she was diagnosed with liver cancer!”

– Jill W., 7/27/21


“So far we have been pleased with Brianna’s progress with her right:ratio cocktail.. her experiences with loud noises (fireworks) have been favorable & separation anxiety is a work in progress.. we will keep you posted on her progress over time..”

– Larry W., 8/4/21


“Mona is doing well…Her appetite is great her arthritis slows her down still can’t walk stairs up or down but she loves our daily walks and perks up with exercise overall she is doing great and I gratefully give right:ratio credit”

– Annegret S., 8/2/21


“[Lucy] ​​has not had more epileptic seizures since I started using your product”

– Drinka R., 7/18/21


“I’m a lifetime customer! Love this for Sade’s seizures.”

– Emily S., 7/22/2021


“Charlie has made improvement, I’m not sure how much more it’s safe to go up in dosage. He has done well and not had any side effects. Would appreciate if you have any input on dose going forward.”

– Karen W., 7/17/2021


“Dusty has responded very well, just like our Blondie did. It was slow going initially as far as Dusty’s dosage and reaction but Charles was quick to assist and provide a method of increasing that has worked amazingly. We love you!”

– Kathryn T., 7/10/2021

I have steadily increased dosage twice a week (or so) to end up at double the starting dose. [Charlie] is now excited for breakfast/dinner and standing on her back legs and walking/hoping as I bring her food. This is behavior we have not seen in months, if not a year. I will continue to experiment with the dosage to see if I can ramp down a bit or if the current is optimum.

Cody C., 8/7/20

Bentley is doing great – I am so blessed!! He is still very active and has a very healthy appetite.

Linda W., 8/6/2020

[Jordan] is doing better than ever! Monthly scans show no tumor growth. More energy and stamina than ever!

Cody R., 8/6/2020

[Matzah]’s definitely less scratchy and more tolerant of the other dogs.  PS: I’ll be ordering Parker’s too. Just so you know.

– Amber K., 8/6/2020

[George] is doing well! IVDD flare ups have minimized.

– Rani B., 8/4/20

She’s doing great! More playful and mobile. 🙂

– Debbie M., 8/3/2020

Snoopy is doing great! He has started to put on some weight and has more energy. The vet thought he wouldn’t live past July 2019 but he’s still going strong!

– Amanda B., 8/2/20

Pluto has had only one seizure since he started this medication. He is also just a little less active. (He’s one hyperactive dog, so that’s not bad.)

Marilyn C., 7/30/20

GOOD News; Clear chest x-ray! Aspiration of all lymph glands are clear!  Yay, so, although he did have a recurrence, it did not spread and we removed the malignancy way beyond the margins (like doing a mastectomy vs lumpectomy)  Here he is in the car on the way back from the vets…all pleased with his good news after the visit.  Thank you!

Am., 7/30/20

With great gratitude to you, Ella is playing much more now. In fact, she reminded me of games we used to play and now she can continue to enjoy them! Her appetite is excellent now. Thank you so much!

Susan I., 7/6/20

I’m placing my order early for Xan’s right ratio formula to avoid the risk of running out next week.  He has gone 20 days without a seizure which is the longest since February!

Stephanie V., 7/6/20

Rosie’s back leg was dead before and now she is finally putting pressure on it.   Yipppeee

Kendra K., 6/30/20

Lily is doing ok. Best $200 I spend for her each month.

David D. 6/16/20

Walter is still chugging along. Bless his heart.   I’d never think we would have him this long. We are trying to enjoy every waking moment.  I still give Walter tincture at night as much as he does not like it.  I also will give him some on days his stomach is upset.  Still no seizures which is awesome but so crazy that years after having them regularly he just stopped.  Still no gabapentin (however you spell it). The side effects are too much for him. I prefer the tincture.  I think that’s it. I could ramble for days 🙂

Valerie D., 6/10/20

Dillon is doing much better since taking the CBD oil. Between the oil and his regular medications, his seizures have decreased significantly. Thank you!

Diane C., 5/11/20

Lanie went from limping to no longer having pain. She has been diagnosed with cancer, but has no appetite problems and the pain seems to be under control. But if there are any anti-cancer formulations, that would be ideal for her.

Anne C., 5/12/20

Luna continues to do well. And, I wouldn’t miss giving her the cbd.

Vincent B., 5/7/20

We had to make a big adjustment once we learned that we were administering it wrong. LOL We leveled off at .4 (mainly for financial reasons) and never really saw much dysphoria. Once we started putting it directly on her gum it was a GAME CHANGER. We started back over and this week are about to up her dose to .25 for another week. It has significantly stronger effects on her when we don’t dose a treat.

Kim E., 4/30/20

Connor is 16.5 and has spinal degeneration. He still has good days and seems to be better off for being on right:ratio—seems like the degeneration process is slower than it would be otherwise.

Alison B., 4/26/20

If possible, we would like to order 2-months’ supply of right:ratio, as Beignet continues to respond well to the formulation. We also have made some progress with adjusting her diet, and her stomach appears stable about 90% of the time. We did increase her slowly from 0:35 to 0:40 over the last month, and this seemed to help slightly as well.

– Frank G., 4/25/20

Marcus: Will be 13 at the end of this month! When he was 4, he suffered from a very rare and awful autoimmune disease called sterile nodular panniculitis. He was on immunosuppressants and steroids for over a year. He was in a lot of pain and was quite ill. Over time he got better, but was always very sensitive and introverted after that experience. Since then, as he’s continued to age, he’s also become a bit arthritic, and right:ratio has been a HUGE blessing in managing his discomfort and cancer! Fingers crossed he’s doing really well and it has been almost two years since we started using right:ratio! We are so grateful for the continued time with our beautiful boy!

– Rani., 2/1/2021

Cissy is my 14 years old cat, shy and sweet but very picky. She was diagnosed with gastrointestinal small lymphoma in May 2018. Her prognosis was 24 months with oral drug chemotherapy administered every two weeks. After the cancer news, I consulted the holistic veterinarian and was introduced to the right ratio. Since June 2018, Cissy has been in the care of Charles and his team. My ultimate decision was to withhold chemo and choose more natural and holistic approaches in all aspects of Cissy’s health going forward.

Now, she has been in remission for over 2 years. She has taken no prescription drugs ever since and has been given only the right ratio formula as well as the feline enteric support that I recently added to her diet as a daily supplement. I am grateful every day I keep enjoying life with my girl. So Cissy’s journey with the right ratio will continue. Thank you and your work.

– Masae., 2/26/2021

Rocko has been a constant companion and has provided us with endless love. As Rocko got older, he slowed down and some of his behaviors started to change. In 2019, we noticed that Rocko was getting increasingly anxious and that made us anxious! Our dog deserved a peaceful retirement after giving us endless love for so long. We didn’t know what to do so we told our vet what was going on with Rocko. Our vet suggested that we get Rocko on rightratio and see if it made him more comfortable. We decided to give it a try and we were astonished with the results! On rightratio, Rocko seems more relaxed and happy. He sleeps more and shakes less. We think that rightratio has greatly increased his quality of life and has allowed him to live past his 18th birthday, which we celebrated in November, 2020.

– Matt., 3/24/2021

Bixie is a rescue. She has lumbar spondylosis and anxiety (we don’t know if the anxiety is a separate issue or if it’s related to the pain of the arthritis). When she’s in pain, she becomes agitated and paces, which exacerbates the arthritis pain. Right:ratio was recommended to us by her veterinarian to compliment the other medications she receives (fluoxetine, Gabapentin, and methocarbamol). The number of arthritis flares she’s experienced per year has reduced and she’s much calmer now.

– Karin., 4/1/2021

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