What to expect after placing your first order.

Following payment, here is what our new customers can expect:

When will my pet’s custom right:ratio arrive?

  • We formulate Mondays and Wednesdays so your pet’s custom right:ratio will be blended either of those days
  • Your pet’s custom right:ratio will be shipped on the day it was formulated
  • If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area, your package will arrive the afternoon following the day of formulation
  • If you live beyond Greater LA, it will arrive two days later

What will be included in my pet’s custom right:ratio?

  • Each package includes a sterile oral syringe for dosing and specific instructions for your pet. A new client also receives generic instructions on how to properly measure right:ratio but these are not your pet’s instructions
  • Specific instructions for your pet’s use of custom right:ratio are printed on the package containing your bottle. Make sure to read and save them before using right:ratio

FAQ – How soon do I have to reorder my pet’s custom right:ratio?

  • For cancer patients and those who have titrated, we recommend reordering no less than seven (7) days from when you expect the bottle to be empty because you can have to revert to a less potent formula if your pet goes days without their custom cancer right:ratio bottle
  • For new clients or clients who have not titrated, we suggest reordering no less than 3-5 days before you expect to the current bottle to be empty