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Does your pet suffer from cancer, arthritis or severe anxiety?


CBD for Pets

Our tinctures support pets who are battling cancer, arthritis and severe anxiety. Each bottle of right:ratio has a sterile oral syringe for precise dosing and is:

  • customized specifically for your pet
  • veterinary formulated
  • made using key cannabis extracts (CBD, CBDa, THC, THCa and others) carefully balanced to deliver the “right:ratio” of healing benefits

Why right:ratio Rather Than Off-The-Shelf CBD Oil

Since 2016, we’ve used key cannabis extracts to make custom medical cannabis tinctures for dogs and cats which is very different than standard CBD Oil from hemp –

  • CustomizationMedical cannabis for dogs and cats is not “one-size fits all” so we require an intake form and customize each formula for your pet
  • Whole Plant Medicine – Single molecule CBD oils lack the benefits of whole cannabis plant tinctures found in each bottle of right:ratio, including other key cannabinoids and terpenes, which are rich in medical and health benefits
  • Safety & EfficacyOur cannabis extracts are laboratory tested by a California certified third-party laboratory for purity, potency and lack of harmful chemicals from cultivation or extraction. We only furnish right:ratio to owners whose pets we believe can benefit from our product and will not sell it if animal safety or efficacy is an issue
  • ConsistencyOur formulations are blended using proprietary software for consistent medication from one bottle to the next
  • SupportWe provide continuous telephone and email support for each of our products – you’re not left in the dark about proper usage and changes in your pet’s health that require changes in her cannabis medicine or dosing

How to Order right:ratio

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Our Mission

Our mission is to give pet owners access to cannabis tinctures that are the safest, most effective and consistent to help their pets achieve wellness. We are a science and data driven company that:

  • Tests all of our cannabis extracts for absolute safety, absence of residual chemicals (from extraction) or pesticides and microbiological agents
  • Has developed a screening panel of pesticides and residual chemicals for extracts we use in right:ratio products that is more strict than any state law requires for humans
  • Employs non-chemical, completely clean extraction methods for many of the cannabis extracts used in right:ratio
  • Utilizes a database of all pets treated and all custom made right:ratio formulas produced to tailor each product to the pet concerned, regardless of typical data points used for dosing (e.g., weight)

Client Testimonials

I wanted to give you an update on how Winky’s been doing since starting right:ratio. He’s been feeling amazing and is able to run around in small bursts and he’s had a great appetite overall too!!

Melissa D. 2/27/18

He is on a regimen of meds and we are hoping to completely wean him off of pain meds over the next few weeks.  He is no longer on Deramaxx, just Meloxicam once daily and Boswellia.  He is clearly happier and feeling better.  Moves with more ease, getting up no longer painful.

Angel 2/25/18

I’d like to order more oil for Tippi and Doodle, both dogs responding well to it. I am running dangerously low and should have ordered sooner.

Edie A. 2/20/18

Thanks so much for all the support and information you gave us. While the positive effect lasted, the special formulas certainly helped Kip.

Leslie R. 2/10/18