Does your dog suffer from cancer, arthritis or anxiety? 

The right:ratio Approach

Our tinctures support dogs who are battling cancer, arthritis and severe anxiety. Each bottle of right:ratio has a sterile oral syringe for precise dosing and is:

  • customized specifically for your dog

  • veterinary formulated

  • made using key cannabis extracts (CBD, CBDa, THC, THCa and others) carefully balanced to deliver the “right:ratio” of healing benefits

SIGN NOW — Veterinarians Seeking Changes to CA Law

Please click below to join the petition, started by a well known California veterinarian, to the California legislature to allow veterinarians to recommend medical cannabis for pets

How to Order right:ratio

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Our Mission

Our mission is to give dog owners access to cannabis tinctures that are the safest, most effective and consistent to help their dogs achieve wellness. We are a science and data driven company that:

  • Tests each extract for absolute safety, absence of residual chemicals (from extraction) or pesticides and microbiological agents

  • Has developed a screening panel of pesticides and residual chemicals for extracts we use in right:ratio products that is more strict than any state law requires for humans

  • Employs non-chemical, completely clean extraction methods for many of the cannabis extracts used in right:ratio

  • Utilizes a database of all dogs treated and all custom made right:ratio formulas produced to tailor each product to the dog concerned, regardless of typical data points used for dosing (e.g., weight).

What Pet Owners are Saying

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