What We Do

We are experienced Cannabis Clinicians who create custom tinctures for dogs and cats facing cancer, arthritis, seizures and anxiety. Our tinctures contain CBD and key cannabinoids that are unlike any other CBD products because they are:

  • Veterinary formulated and custom made for the pet and condition
  • In ratios designed to maximize medical efficacy for your pet based on age, breed, and condition
  • Blended with select curated holistic and natural human grade additives for specific conditions (e.g., B-complex, magnesium, etc.) designed for each pet and condition
  • Made with natural terpenes in select ratios for each pet and condition that are specifically designed to enhance the efficacy of the key cannabinoids
  • Whole plant medicine. As Cannabis Clinicians, we know that single molecule CBD oils lack the benefits of whole cannabis plant tinctures found in each bottle of right:ratio.
  • Laboratory tested by an independent third party. Our cannabis extracts are laboratory tested by a California certified third-party laboratory for purity, potency and lack of harmful chemicals from cultivation or extraction.
  • Consistently formulated to 1/100 mg/mL. Our formulations are blended using proprietary software for consistent medication from one bottle to the next without production surprises.
  • Backed by unparalleled customer support. We offer 24/7 customer support by phone or email.

Conditions We Treat


A cancer diagnosis for your pet is a heartbreaking moment. But right:ratio is here to help you combat the condition naturally while also alleviating some of the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.


Arthritis is a common yet painful condition for many dogs. A custom right:ratio tincture formulated for arthritis is designed to address inflammatory conditions and improve your pet’s quality of life.


Watching your dog or cat experience seizures is a challenge when all you want to do is help. We can help with seizures, whether they are due to epilepsy or other conditions such as aging or strokes.


Some dogs experience anxiety for a variety of reasons, some of which are unavoidable. Custom right:ratio tinctures for anxiety help calm your pet & give both you and your furry family member piece of mind.

Our Mission

  • Provide superior efficacious and safe medical cannabis for dogs and cats
  • Formulate custom products specific to each pet and the particular medical condition they are facing
  • Deploy natural plant wellness crafted with science and based on data

Supported by science and crafted by experienced Cannabis Clinicians, right:ratio is committed to delivering custom formulas for pets facing cancer, arthritis, seizures or anxiety.

We use our proprietary software to combine the powerful healing effects of CBD and key cannabinoids to provide safe, natural and effective tinctures that are cost-effective, easy to administer and tailored to your pet’s needs.

How to get right:ratio for your pet

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Liberté Chan, KTLA 5 meteorologist and her dog Shanti

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    “She’s doing so well that she’s back in her counter surfing naughty mode!! She has no problem getting up on those hind legs.”

    — Jacqueline F.


    “Chloe is in remission!! I think it’s a combo of everything–the chemo, your oils and the crystals she wears 24/7.”

    — Laurie R.


    “Since starting right:ratio, I’ve seen my dog Stanley’s energy change from nervous to calm.”

    — Amanda C.